Good Morning, Teddy

Usually the first to arrive in the office, I keep the lights off before the hustle of the day begins. Light pours in through splits in the blinds, creating a calming effect. After grabbing a hot green tea with lemon in the kitchen, I mozy down the wall of windows and all of our outward facing desks to my little nook. I say hello to my possibly-overwatered-but-I'm-hoping-my-love-will-save-it plant, and remove my statement jewelry uniform - YSL Arty Ring and A Peace Treaty bangles - and take a seat. While perusing @ShopDITTO on Twitter, I take a sip of my tea, when all of a sudden, I feel something behind me.  I look over toward my left shoulder at the rest of the office - serene, no soul in sight. I continue to sip until I hear breathing. I turn to find a huge yellow lab sitting slightly behind me and to my right looking at me intently with his tongue out. Utterly pleased but still very surprised, my tea sloshes into my lap as the dog goes in for a big wet one.

Ten minutes later, I'm laying on the floor, hugging the dog as he wags his tail and nuzzles my face. In all my dog-loving ecstasy, I failed to spend even a moment thinking about where the dog came from, other than exclaiming in an idiotic tone and obnoxiously high pitch, "where did you come from, big boyyy?!"  (Inflection on the "you".)  In the midst of my bliss, I hear a whistle. "Teddyyy...."  Before I could even untangle myself and get to my feet - from behind a "wall" of cubed shelves, a man appears.

"Well, it seems that Teddy hardly needs an introduction." I laugh. The man introduces himself as Kevin. Kevin more or less runs the operations of the Mountain View, CA office of this really awesome start-up company called Room 77, a company that developed the world's first database of hotel rooms with unique intelligence applied toward a search engine that finds not only the perfect hotel, but the perfect room at that hotel to suit your needs. Kevin and I chat awhile, until he gives Teddy permission to stay in our office as long as he is wanted. I'm delighted, and inspired.

Hence we name our first Ditto mascot, borrowed from Room 77 until we find our own.