Inspiration from Luoyang

"The Old Chinese Man" by Normann Szkop for National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest
What character lies in every line of this man's face. The angularity of his white collar is stark against the round brim of his dark hat.  The mechanical-looking spine of his umbrella couldn't contrast more the years of life apparent in his face.  An invisible string pulls his cheek toward his ear, revealing the slightest hint of a crooked smile.  And the spectacles... OH! The spectacles!  Even with age, his strong jaw allows for these classically circular frames.  But the design - it's anything but classic.  Artistic, asymmetrical, unique at every junction.  The nose bridge is singular - almost as though half a butterfly landed at the bridge of his nose.  Albeit the age that shows, this man is as timeless as they come.

Although this photograph can be found at the site of the National Geographic 2011 Photo Contest, we have our friend Kate Kelso to thank for selecting it as one of her favorites on her blog, Kate of Mind.  Original photo and description by Normann Szkop can be found here: "The Old Chinese Man from Luoyang (China). While traveling from Beijing to Shanghai by train, I stopped in Luoyang to meet the Shaolin monk. This nice old and typical Chinese man was just standing there watching the Kung Fu School."