Happy National Sunglasses Day!

5 Reasons to Honor National Sunglasses Day
…by treating yourself to a pair of brand new shades for 20% off!

1. They’re CLASSIC.  Like, they go way, way, WAY back.  Inuit peoples of myriad generations past wore “snow goggles” of sorts, made from flattened walrus ivory circles with narrow slits through which the eyes could see, but which offered protection for the rest of the eye, minimizing squinting and glare.  It wasn't until 1929 that Sam Foster started mass-producing inexpensive sunglasses in America.

2. They’re MULTI-PURPOSE.  Ancient emperors used variations of what we now call “sunglasses” to improve the viewing experience of spectator sports, and ancient judges used them to conceal facial expressions while questioning witnesses. People throughout history have used them to minimize glare and harmful effects of the sun (even as a prescription for the light sensitivity that came as a side effect to syphilis!), and in 1752, James Ayscough introduced tinted lenses with the intention of correcting vision impairments. 

3. They’re for EVERYONE.  Today, people wear sunglasses for any number of reasons.  Movie stars and film makers notoriously don sunglasses – often to avoid recognition by fans.  Professionals from athletes to astronauts wear sunglasses every day to work.  At DITTO, we wear them to make it easier to see outside, to express ourselves and our styles, as fashion statements, and sometimes for no better reason than to hide the bags under our eyes!

4. They’re ICONIC.  I could draw two round circles with a simple arched nose bridge in between, and chances are you’d think of John Lennon.  Given a picture of some pink translucent lenses, and you might think of Elton John. Browline frames?  Malcolm X.  Aviators?  Top Gun.  Rectangular Aviators?  Easy Rider.  Huge round butterfly shades with updone hair – Jackie O.  Cat Eyes?  Now… well, you’d probably think of Mad Men.  Wayfarers? 10 years ago you would have thought of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Shutter shades?  Kanye West.  Speaking of which, did you know that it was Alain Mikli that designed those stunner shutters?  Uh-huh!

5. They’re FUNCTIONAL.  To the point of necessity!  Now, more than ever, the harmful rays in the sun pose serious risk to our eyes!  You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of shades these days that doesn’t offer UV A/B protection.  At DITTO, you can count on high-quality, protective lenses in every pair of sunglasses on our site.  If you need a prescription, we can fill prescription lenses in almost every pair of shades, as well!  Now THAT is hard to come by.

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If you need some help, we've taken the LIBERTY of making some patriotic picks in honor of the 4th of July next week.  Take a gander!

Selima Optique - Amanda, Red Mosaic
7 For All Mankind - Laurel, Coral
Ray-Ban - Original Wayfarer, White on Texture (Limited Edition)
Selima Optique - Anthony, Blue