Staff Picks for Selima Optique

Introducing the latest edition to the growing roster of incredible designers at DITTO: Selima Optique.

Colorful and vivacious in character, French-born Selima Salaun is the creative vision behind the directional luxury eyewear brand, Selima Optique. Working with multiple colors within a single frame - by fusing two or more laminates together - changed the look of eyewear. Selima was at the forefront of this technique, establishing multi-colored frames as a signature before the style hit the mainstream. Loved by celebrities, men and women of all ages, look to Selima Optique for the pop of color and pizazz that elevates your look and lets your personality shine.

We've asked the members of the DITTO team to select their favorite frames from the Selima Optique collection, and in so doing, have affirmed the notion that the glasses a person selects really does reflect a bit of their personality!

Software Engineer Jesús Barcons' pick couldn't be a more accurate depiction of the spunky Spaniard we've come to know and love.  The dual-colored acetate in these classic rectangular "ALABAMA" frames says business on the front, and playful from every other angle.
Selima Optique - Alabama, Navy/Turquoise Optical Glasses
CEO Kate Endress is notoriously adorned in bright colored solids on either or both of her top and bottom halves.  On her Selima fave, the MUSTAFA, she says, "I love the graphic print... this is truly an outfit-making accessory."
Selima Optique - Mustafa, Red Mosaic Optical Glasses
Don't let his purebred Midwestern roots and painfully adorable baby daughters fool you, Site Reliability Engineer Ryan Flamion is an undercover bad-ass.  He's not sure he could pull them off, but he has coined the DORIAN shades "DA-BOMB."
Selima Optique - Dorian, Grey Crystal Sunglasses
Speaking to the inimitably cheerful working dynamic that has come to fruition between DITTO's original Janes-of-all-trades Andrea Boyle (Manager of Customer Service) and Emily Mullé (Merchandising and Marketing Manager), our top two picks and the reasons behind them are perfectly aligned.  Simply put, we girls agree on the statements: "I love pink [à la ADRI-O]!" and "Saying the name 'ZAZOU' makes me [/us] happy!" 
Selima Optique - Adri-O, Fuschia Sunglasses
Selima Optique - Zazou, Black/Pink/Amber Sunglasses
She may be decisive when it comes to assisting shoppers with their selections via phone and chat on, but Customer Service Specialist Lily Algaier can't tear her heart from her top two picks, MARICRUZ and LOVE.
Selima Optique - Maricruz, Spotted Tortoise Optical Glasses
Selima Optique - Love, Black and White Sunglasses
Customer Service Specialist Jill Myrick swoons for the rich, unique combination of plum/lavender and tortoise in the unisex MENRAD opticals. 
Selima Optique - Menrad, Purple Tortoise Optical Glasses
Stanford Student Intern Kallie Friedman pays allegiance to the ADRI-O in a classy spotted tortoise.  On par with her own look and personality, Kallie loves these because they "are super glamorous and fun."
Selima Optique - Adri-O, Tokyo Tortoise Sunglasses
It's hard not to feel like you've got swag when you're rocking a style with a name like MONEY 2. Software Engineer Krishna Chinni and COO Thom Endress showed us what's UP! 
Selima Optique - Money, Navy/Tangerine Aviator Sunglasses
Logistics Manager, Kara Sloan dons the fuschia/black color combination in the AMANDA, while Marketing Strategist Amanda Kelly forgoes her own name for the love of the turquoise color pop in the ZAZOU women's sunnies.

Selima Optique - Amanda, Fuschia/Black Sunglasses
Selima Optique - Zazou, Black/Turquoise Sunglasses
We feel it's safe to say that there might be something for just about everyone in Selima Optique's eclectic collection.  If you had to pick the pair that best suits you, what would it be, and why?  Let us know in the comments!