Submission CONTEST: My Dad Rocks!

Calling all lovers of Dads of the world, your motions taken to honor Dear Ol' Dad this past weekend did not go unnoticed.  In fact, we at DITTO were quite touched by the influx of Dad-related shopping and shipping inquiries this past week.  Although we'd have guessed that most resorted to family brunch and Hallmark cards to show Dad our love and appreciation this Father's Day, it seems that many of you went the extra mile.

In a time where many of us feel like [selfishly] indulging in summer festivities and fairing the warm weather in style, so many gestures of love and appreciation for the family member often assumed to have everything he needs has us thoroughly inspired.  And so, we unveil our first user submission contest!

We'd like to invite you to submit a brief synopsis of why your dad, husband, or the elderly gentleman next door deserves a "makeover" of sorts this summer.  Whether its because he makes the best chili on the planet, coaches the little league team, has an uncanny ability to burp the alphabet, possesses the style IQ of potato, comes up with the best ideas for school science projects, or simply because he currently holds together his glasses with tape - let us know, in 250 words or less, all of the reasons your father-figure deserves a dedicated profile and a free pair of glasses from  

The Contest: Win Dad a free pair of glasses from!

The Rules: Submit an email of ~250 words or less, describing why your Dad is the best.  Whether or not it has to do with style, just remember - creativity is key!  And humor is always a plus.  "Before" pictures are highly encouraged.  Email to with subject "My Dad Rocks" by Sunday, June 24th, 2012.

The Prize: Dad gets a free pair of glasses!  Consider our stylist team at Dad's disposal; we'll review his DITTO to help make suggestions.  In the end, we'll draw up a little profile on the Dad that won, the glasses he chose, and why he's worthy.

The Inspiration: Show that your Dad needs a makeover even more than some of our Dads here at DITTO.

Submissions will be reviewed and a winning entry selected next Monday, June 25th.  Happy bragging!