Father's Day Makeover

Last month, we ran a contest in honor of Father's Day for a lucky winner to "Upgrade Dad's Style."  The winner a lovely young lady named Nina, who submitted her dad, Herman, for an eyewear makeover.  We were so inspired by Nina's passionate, genuine, (and humorous) words about her dear father, we feel its our duty to take a moment to share it with you.

Herm, Herminator, the Hermeister. With a name like Herman my dad obviously rocks but here is a bit about the man I love so much.  
My beloved father has three distinguishing traits: model legs, which neither of his daughters inherited, a bushy unibrow that sits on his overly protruding forehead, and a nose broken in two places. He has one pair of 'hip' glasses that he wears in public.  On Sunday, the only day a week that Herm takes off, he lets loose.  He sports white tube socks, flood pants, and a faded orange striped tee from the GAP.  Left to his own devices he is found blissfully in my parents’ bedroom propped up on a pillow watching sports with a pair of 1970s-esque plastic glasses.
While my dad needs a make-over, more importantly, he deserves one.  My dad works incredibly hard. He makes the best freaking cup of coffee you can imagine.  Sometimes he offers words of wisdom, and sometimes I have no idea what he is trying to get at, but more than anything I appreciate that he listens. What I love the most about my dad is how much he believes in me.  He sees the best version of myself.  Even when my eyes are clouded with tears or self-doubt, he does not settle until I too believe in myself the way he believes in me.

Nina and her sister Natalia helped Herman pick out a new pair of sunglasses yesterday and he will soon be rocking Persol PO2393S Aviator sunglasses with prescription polarized lenses.  Now, tell us if THAT isn't an upgrade!!

Here's a picture of Herman before in his plastic shades, and his DITTO wearing his new aviators:

Vintage is cool, Herm, no bones about it... But we must say, we're DIGGING the upgrade!  Keepin' it classy, but with some modern edge.  Way to go Nina, Natalia, and Herminator: Super Dad.