[News] FLASH

UP IN THE AIR SOMEWHERE BETWEEN LOS ANGELES AND SAN FRANCISCO, 6:00AM, SUNDAY: Let me tell you about the series of hours we had preceding the first flight out of SFO to LAX on this lovely Sunday morning. I am en route to a very exciting event in Los Angeles where I will be meeting our CEO, Kate, and where we will be unveiling a very preliminary version of DITTO’s iPad app. I’ll leave it at that, because there’s more to come later. Here goes my Saturday evening:

9:15p.m. Exit the San Francisco Symphony, proceed onto a foodie-status restaurant in Hayes Valley. First dish on the table: a mind-blowingly delectable beef Carpaccio.
11:00p.m. Enter Powell St. MUNI station underground.
11:05p.m. Experience overwhelming feeling of nausea… could it be the Carpaccio?!
11:10p.m. Date is overcome with identical feeling of intense nausea, and now heat flashes. Oh, my, goodness… the freaking Carpaccio. Inescapable thoughts of a night spent embracing the toilet bowl and the potential for a missed flight in the morning only worsens the feeling of nausea.
11:30p.m. Exit MUNI at Castro & 17th. Deep breaths of crisp, cool, fresh air allows nausea to begin to subside.
12:00a.m. Phone call with Sergey Surkov, Chief of Engineering.

Sergey has so kindly answered my phone call only to notify me of the following: Our iPad 0.0 app may or may not be ready in time for my flight. Can I drive to Cupertino before the flight? [Quick math: 7am departure, 6am arrival necessary, plus an extra 30minutes for some weird terminal change issue I received notification of a couple days ago, so that’s 5:30am arrival needed… less 40 minutes to get to SFO from Cupertino, less 1 hour to get to Cupertino from San Francisco, less 20 minutes to get out the door.] Wake up time will be 3:30a.m.

“You’re kidding?!”  He’s not.

1:00a.m. Text Message to Sergey: status?
1:15a.m. Reply: not yet.
1:30a.m. Text: I need an answer by 3:30a.m. Good luck.
1:30a.m. Reply: da.
3:30a.m. Text: ready?
3:45a.m. Reply: da.
4:00a.m. Reply via Siri: Thank goodness! Be there soon. Tell old egg abs handgun [translation: …tell Oleg [front-end engineer] I said hi.]
4:45a.m. Quick instructional tutorial on DITTO for iPad 0.0. Two devices in hand, onto the airport!
6:00a.m. Here I am.

The 0.0 – the most rudimentary of pre-preliminary – version of our iPad app took just under two weeks to complete as a non-exclusive portion of workload. All in all, from what I understand, it was a pretty speedy process! From the uneducated user standpoint, however, one might ask, “what’s the big deal about switching a website onto an iPad.” Engineers like Sergey and Oleg would look at you with eyes bulging from their heads and utter in a guttural tone, “…flash.”

Flash-capable the iPad is NOT. Nearing 6:15a.m, this night and subsequent flight feel like the furthest thing from a flash. But, come noon today when we start to interact with some of LA’s finest bloggers, introducing them to DITTO, we’ll be saying, “We’re 10 weeks old!” And those ten weeks, my dear friends, could not feel more like a FLASH.