10 Examples of Inspired Design

Given it's SF Design Week, I figured I'd share a few of my current design inspirations. Enjoy!

1) SquareSpace

SquareSpace is so well done. Not only are them web templates dreamy, but I particularly like the (not overly distracting) video component on the homepage which you can check out here.

2) IBM Ads

Such a clever series of useful ads from IBM which I found here.

3) Clean e-commerce from Crate & Barrel

Designing a clean e-commerce sites is a difficult task especially if you have a large product assortment.  That's why I fell in love with the work from our Creative Director, Sam Dallyn. You can see his portfolio here. Here is one my favorites of his: 

4) One Slick Info Graphic

I love a good info graphic but this one is particularly clean and awesome. I found it here.

5) Clever and Useful Packaging Design

I really do appreciate all things clever including this coffee holder which I originally found here.

6) Square's Career Page

Like DITTO, Square has put a stake in the ground that design in a pillar of their brand. I particularly like their Careers page which you can see here.  It's so dynamic and inspiring. I just hope one day we can afford an office like this!!

7) DITTO's business cards

Okay, this is a self call of major proportions, but I seriously love our business cards. The subtle details including the red edges and white de-bossed logo make these special. Kudos to our creative Director, Sam Dallyn.

8) Interactive Movie Experience for Oz

This interactive site to promote the movie Oz is an excellent show of an online interactive experience that inspires.  Check it out here

9) Black Negatives Interactive Designs

I've always been a sucker for a great story but Black Negative brings those stories to life for companies. Check out their site here and see some examples of how they seamlessly integrate animation and video.

10) Mac Pro from Apple

I will end this with the granddaddy of design, Apple.  Everything they touch is magic and their new site for the upcoming Pro is no exception. Find it here and scroll down to make it come to life.  Wow!