Why Design Matters

Our goal at DITTO is nothing short of creating a breath-taking retail experience. We strive to do this through technology, design and service.

This week is SF Design Week and it got me thinking about why design is so important to the DNA of DITTO. There are a few key reasons we decided to put a stake in the ground and make design a company pillar:

1) We wanted to be different.

In the eyewear space, many of the competitors over-optimize for SEO and add literally hundreds of links to their page so that when you search "Geek Glasses", they have a link just for that.  While effective at customer acquisition, it's just awful to look at and creates a very confusing user experience once you do hit their sites. It takes a little longer to acquire customers without doing this tricks, but we believe it will pay off when our users love the DITTO experience and spread the word.  Clean is different, and it's something we believe in.

Our homepage which focuses the message and feels clean and easy

One of our competitors websites which feels overwhelming and complex

2) We wanted to make it fun.

I interviewed several hundred people when I was first starting DITTO and listened to their stories about buying eyewear.  The theme was the same: it's something I need to buy not something I want to buy.  Eyewear is undoubtedly functional, but at the same time, it's a fashion item.  Nothing says more about your personality or style than your eyewear because you wear it on your face.  Yet instead of being an inspring retail-oriented experience focused on beautiful objects that make you feel amazing, the current status quo feels clinical and boring.  We hope to change that mindset by making shopping online for eyewear fun. We use large high-res 360 degree imagery which you spin and fun try-on technology which you can move side to side. These interact elements make the experience more enjoyable and more personal.  And we are going to keep pushing the envelope to create new features which make shopping at DITTO fun.

Large, interactive 360 photography

Interactive try-on

3) We wanted to make it easy.

For us, design is not just visual. Design is simplifying. It’s efficiency. It makes it easy for our customers to get from Point A to Point B. We make every detail count. Our design team and engineer team work closely together to build things that work.  If you know what you want, we want to have filters that help you find those products fast. If you don't, we want to guide you through the process until you find something you love and are confident will look amazing on you.

All in all, we are big believers in design and you see and feel the difference when shopping on our website!