A Moment with Nico Roseillier

As Creative Director for John Varvatos and Converse eyewear, Nico Roseillier has made a name for himself in the world of fashion accessories.  His exceptional eye for detail drew notice from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for his work with accessory award-winner Derek Lam. In addition, Roseillier was recently recognized as one of the most influential people in eyewear for his unmatched design skills.

Roseillier’s eclectic treasure trove of talents and experiences has contributed to the artistic vision he brings to each collection. We were lucky to get a few minutes of Nico's time to pick his brain on his creative vision and insights:

DITTO: "What drew you to eyewear design?"

Nico: "The thing I love about eyewear design is that it's far from one-sided; it is about collaboration, a give and take of ideas. For me it’s about relationships. The relationship with a designer is really important. I want to transfer their word and their vision to the eyewear world. I want to fuse everything together."

DITTO: "Can you tell us a little about your career background – what brought you from France to America initially, and what path led you to your current occupation?"

Nico: "I moved from Paris to New York City with little more than a dream and a suitcase. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be a designer and NYC was the place to make it happen. My background was in architecture but I initially took any design job I could get – from weddings to art shows – even opening my own design firm. It wasn’t until I began designing Derek Lam Eyewear that I truly found my path. From there, I fell in love with the intricacies and details involved in designing eyewear. My goal with every frame is to create an element of discovery for the wearer."

DITTO: "What would you say are your main influences when creating a new collection?"

Nico: "I am so fortunate to work directly with John Varvatos. He has a clear vision and fantastic style. I collaborate with him regularly for influence and direction. In terms of inspiration, I look to my background in architecture and my new hometown, Los Angeles. I also like to incorporate surprising elements in my design. For example, Converse On Your Mark has a skateboard grip tape inlay that adds dimension and fun."

DITTO: "Can you list resources across any media (i.e. specific websites, magazines, blogs or books) you tune in to regularly?"

Nico: "My favorites are:


DITTO: Thank you, Nico! We are so honored to sell your eyewear on our site!