Live or Not Live: That is the Question

When starting DITTO, Sergey, Dmitry and I (aka the founding team) spent hours on hours debating the pros and cons of building a "live" try-on tool vs. building an video-based try-on tool.   In the end, we decided that the latter had some pretty unique benefits, and we set out to build the world's first "augmented video try on".

Why didn't DITTO use a real-time "live" feed?

We purposely avoided a real-time video feed for virtual fitting for a few reasons: 
  1. To try on glasses, you have to take off your current prescription glasses at which point you can't see yourself in the mirror.  You'd be shocked how many times I've seen people trying on glasses over the top of their existing glasses at the optometrist or optical retail stores!
  2. When you create your DITTO, you get 90 degrees more viewing because you are not limited to just 45 degree turns on each side (the point at which you can no longer see yourself in the mirror). You can turn completely over each shoulder and truly see how those glasses look from the side.
  3. You don't want always want to be dancing around in front of your webcam.  Live-feeds means you need to looking into your webcam. We liked the idea that you could record your DITTO once and then use that DITTO over and over again as you shop. It also makes shopping from mobile devices possible.
  4. We use "prior knowledge" about how you will turn your head to make our detecting algorithms much more accurate.  Since we are trying to the solve the big question, "Do they fit?" we decided this much accuracy was a necessity!
  5. Live tools often have a lot of latency issues. You move and then they move a millisecond later.  Using a video as opposed to this live-feed also solves this. 
In the end, we decided that our augmented video strategy was the way to go. To our knowledge, we don't know of any other tools that use the same approach.  If you've heard of any, please let us know. We'd love to keep learning!