Redefining Augmented Reality

Augmented reality, popularly known as AR, is a view where a computer-generated input (like a sound, video, graphics or GPS data) is overlaid onto a real-world environment. Typically augmented reality has referred to real-time, real-world environment and the augmented input enhances the perception of reality.  A great example is the yellow first-down line seen in TV broadcasts of American football.

Virtual reality on the other hand refers to completed simulated environments. Think of those headsets where you visually see a completely different scene and can interact in that environment.

So where does DITTO's technology fit it?

By way of background, we record a video from your webcam of you turning your head from side to side like you are looking into a mirror.  We detect your facial features in each frame of the video and use those points to build your 3D head behind the scene which we use to understand how the glasses should fit you and where the occlusions should be. Then we render the glasses back into your 2D video with the illusion that you are wearing them. You can learn more about our technology here. 

Because we use a video and not a live-feed, many would say that we are not truly an augmented reality technology.  But since we don't completely alter your environment (at least not yet!), it's not virtual reality either.  

Perhaps we are redefining augmented reality or at least creating a new subset within it. Or perhaps we are creating an entirely new category of interactive, augmented videos.  Can you imagine other industries or applications for an interactive, augmented video?