Special Guest:
Elise Joseph

We are so excited to share our behind-the-scenes interview with blogger, stylist and creative consultant Elise Joseph of Pennyweight.  Read why glasses are "the most important accessory" and check out who this Pinterest Queen in currently following.

Tell us more about the name “Pennyweight”.

The term “pennyweight” refers to an actual weight of gold in an object like jewelry. It is a common way of measuring gems and precious jewels, and I love the idea that each of us are just that.

Any particular person, place or thing that initially inspired or regularly inspires you?

I am incredibly inspired by everyday things around me – the beauty that comes in imperfection and the mundane that often goes unnoticed. Specifically artists and makers doing unique and beautiful things. My goal is to share stories and hopefully introduce my readers to something fresh and thought-provoking.

What trends (fashion, music or otherwise) are you currently following?

I am not very up on trends, and instead gravitate towards classic, timeless pieces that transcend time. I want to have items that I can wear for years to come – high quality and construction, clean lines, etcetera.

What do you look for in a great pair of glasses?

To me, glasses are the most important accessory! They say a lot about a person and their personality, as do other accessories. I love having several pairs of glasses and being able to switch them out depending on my mood – quirky, serious, fun, professional, etcetera. I’ve had glasses since the second grade, so they are an essential to me!

You've already done so much - where do you currently spend most of your time? What realm would you like to tackle next?

Most of my time these days is spent on brand partnerships, art direction, styling and online outreach / social media for both my own business and other small businesses. I am currently traveling as much as possible and working towards opening a brick and mortar shop in 2015.

What is your most distinctive trait?

I am extremely particular, and tend to be a bit of a perfectionist at times. As much as I try to go with the flow, I love to plan ahead and prepare as best I can.

What trait do you admire most in your friends?

Communication, loyalty and honesty. Life is not always pretty and I appreciate the friends who can talk about the hard stuff with me.

What talent would you most like to have?

I wish I was more crafty! I am such a visual person that I am constantly designing in my head, but have a hard time putting pen to paper or executing my art in real life.

If you were to die and come back as any other person or thing, what would it be?

I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, so I would love to be a bird and just fly with the wind, wherever it takes me.

What is your most treasured possession?

I have a stunning black opal ring that my mom picked up as a teenager, and then passed down to me. I wear it every day and would feel lost without it.

What fashion or tech accessory can you not live without?

I definitely cannot live without my iPhone!

Who do you secretly love following on Pinterest?

My latest Pinterest obsession is Diane Keaton’s page – she is such a role model and her taste is impeccable and truly one-of-a-kind.

Carnivore or herbivore?


What matters most to you (5 words or less)?

Love, happiness, family, laughter and consistency.

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