Flatter Your
Face Shape: Oval

We are back to that daunting question: Which frame should I choose for my face shape? Before, we went over rules of thumb for picking out the best glasses. Then, we dove deeper into which styles work best for each face shape. This time, we thought it would be helpful to show clear examples of what works and what does not on a particular face shape. One of our engineers, Ryan, has volunteered to help us.

Ryan has an oval face shape. Although oval face shapes are known to be able to wear just about any style and pull it off, it is still important to keep in mind the scaling and proportion of the glasses compared to face size. For example, if you have large features, don’t select a small frame. Ryan admittedly has larger facial features and has worn glasses in the past that were obviously too small. Below are 4 great examples on what to look for when trying to pick the best glasses for you.

This frame is not as wide as or wider than the broadest part of Ryan’s face which is the key component to look for when styling an oval face shape. 

The nose piece on this frame causes the glasses to sit too high on Ryan’s face. He would be better off choosing a frame without a nose piece or a much wider nose bridge measurement.

Dark and bold-colored frames are great for adding weight to balance other, less pronounced facial features. With Ryan’s features, however, he should stick with a thinner frame than does not add more weight.

Since Ryan has a longer oval face, it is better to choose longer, vertical dimensions with round or geometric shapes. Looks like we found a winner in this frame!

We hope that the continual break down of face shape styling will help you even more in your search for the perfect pair of glasses. Still question if you are picking the right frame for your face shape? Our stylists are always happy to help!