What's in
a frame?

We recently did some number crunching to better understand who's buying what, where and why.  Requisite analytics (read:boring) that none of us really enjoy.  Save for the occasional interesting tidbit here and there.  

This time, we found one nugget we thought we'd share with you:   A LOT of you are faking it.  Buying glasses just to look a little older in those business meetings or for your sexiest Clark Kent impersonation for the ladies at the bar.  We know you're out there.  Not that we blame you - some of us are guilty too.  So here's to all you eyewear aficionados who enjoy making a statement with your frames regardless of need.  We put together the infographic below just for you to see where to find your fellow fakers.

Want to share your thoughts on why you fake it?  We welcome your comments below.   

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