Are You
Festival Ready?

It’s that time of year again! Coachella 2014 is upon us, and while fashion may not be front-and-center on your list (and it shouldn't be), it's still important to make sure you've geared up appropriately to enjoy the festivities.  So before heading off to the desert unprepared, take note - here's a list of items you will definitely be needing…

Ladies first...
  1. A cool hat. A good way to stay shady from the all-day sun.
  2.  Comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Whether they are gladiator sandals, boots or sneakers, make sure they are prepared for dancing.
  3.  A shoulder bag. You will want to be hands-free so you can rock out.
  4. A flowy garment. It will get steamy out there. A flowy maxi skirt or a cool cut off will keep you going in the heat of the day.
And Fellas...
  1. Hats aren't just for the ladies.  Stylish or simply functional, do your skin a solid and wear one.
  2.  Shorts, shorts, shorts.  It's that simple.
  3. In a battle between you and the desert, the desert wins every time.  Bring a sweatshirt / hoodie / fleece - whatever fits your fancy.
  4. You don't want to worry about what your stepping in or who your stepping on - opt for your favorite sneaks over flops.
Most importantly, regardless of how you roll, you'll need some stunner shades. Check out our festival-ready picks.