Designer Spotlight:
Jeremy Scott

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What becomes of the midwest kid who dreams of Paris at 14?  One thing's for sure - a place atop one of the fashion world's luxury houses is certainly far from a fait accompli.  But that is just the latest accomplishment in a string of impressive fashion feats for eccentric fashion designer Jeremy Scott.  Named creative director of the Italian luxury house Moschino this past October, Scott continues to blaze his own unique path down the catwalk.  

Selections from Jeremy Scott's debut line for Moschino 
Like any true fashion aficionado, he began chasing his dreams at an early age, studying at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  However, not even the most ambitious student can guarantee success in the highly critical world of fashion - he pulled his first runway show together at 19 by dumpster diving for raw materials! Many of Scott's early critics thought his clothes were too "outlandish" to be worn, but the visionary stuck to his guns and continued creating artistic pieces that become more dramatic with each year.  He was soon winning esteemed fashion awards, including two Venus de la Modes, and garnering the attentions of the industry's highest authority - Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld. 

Scott's inspirations stem from the belief that "everyone wants more exciting things."  And his designs never disappoint - from fabulous sneaker collaborations with Adidas to eyewear with Linda Farrow and his own independent styles, we are always excited by what we see!  And we're not along - with a knack for poking fun at the fashion world with his adventurous styles, he has also gathered a cult celeb following that includes Katy Perry, Kanye West and Madonna, among others. 
Adidas x Jeremy Scott
So today, our hats (and glasses!) are off to Jeremy Scott.  We admire his purity of voice and creativity, and it's easy to say that his glasses are by far the most fun to virtually try on!