Do I need
lens coatings?

Congrats - You've finally found the perfect frame!  You made your DITTO, tried on hundreds of pairs from the comfort of home, shared your favorites with your friends and have finally found the winner.  But now you're struggling with all the fine print on the lenses - single vision, ultra-thin, coated, polarized.  Wondering what you really need?

We are here to help with a simple explanation of some of the most common lens coatings out there.  Take a peek below.

AR Coating

One of the most popular lens coatings is an anti-reflective (AR) coating. The coating material placed on the lens alters the amount of light that passes through the lens to reduce unwanted glare. This coating can also greatly improve the look of your glasses by removing the light reflection (see below).
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Anti-Scratch Coating

Anti-scratch coatings are applied to both the front and back of lenses to create a much harder, scratch-resistant surface.  While even the best scratch-resistant coating won't save your lenses from a falling icicle, these coatings will help in resisting many everyday scratches and provide your lenses with a longer lifespan.  To keep your glasses shiny and new, store them in their case when they're not in use and clean them with your microfiber clot (which comes free from DITTO with every purchase). 

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Polarized Coating

Polarized lenses provide many advantages, especially for all you outdoorsy types.  Ever been on the highway heading east at sunrise or west at sunset and noticed that awful glare on the road from the sun?  The way the light is reflecting off the flat surface in this example is what causes such an intense glare. Polarized lenses have been treated to filter this type of reflection which is also common on the water's surface.  With these intense reflections filtered out, glare is reduced and visibility improved.  So whether you're a commuter, an outdoorsman (or lady) or just want to make sure you can see all the beachside talent clearly, polarized lenses will do just the trick.

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One final note:  you may also be wondering about the right UV protection.  Don't think twice about it!  Almost all polycarbonate lenses (and all DITTO lenses!) and most hi-index lenses already come with 100% UV protection - no extra treatments necessary.

Still have questions?  Chat up one of our customer service specialists who are trained in helping you understand all the ins and outs of shopping for eyewear online!