Flatter Your
Face Shape: Diamond

Previously, we showed you how to find the perfect frames for an oval face shape. Next up: diamond face shape. Today, we have Kana Brown, a fashion blogger and makeup artist from Indiana who was happy to be our next model. Because it is almost summer, we are going to show you what works and what does not for a diamond face shape using sunglasses. 

A diamond face shape is very similar to an oval face shape but the face is more angular with a smaller forehead and chin. In fact, the diamond shape is said to be the rarest of all the different face shapes. The main focal point with a diamond face shape is the cheekbones which are usually higher and more dramatic. The forehead and jawline are more narrow. When accessorizing, you want to balance all of these features and soften the angles.

What to avoid...

Avoid sunglasses that might appear too narrow. This would draw too much attention to the narrow eye line.

Make sure that the sunglasses you chose are no wider than your cheekbones. We want to broaden the upper face, not hide it.

What works...

 You want to draw attention to your eyes and soften the diamond angles. Choosing a detailed shape like a cat-eye frame will help draw attention.
Much like choosing a detailed shape like a cat-eye, choosing a distinctive shape like these rectangle frames is just as effective. Another good, distinctive shape would be an oval frame.
The upper face narrows with a diamond face shape. Because of this, try picking frames with higher temples to help broaden and draw more attention to the upper face.
Choosing frames that accent the upper rim of the eyes will also draw attention to the upper face. These frames that are heavy on top or semi-rimless frames are great for diamond face shapes.

Stay tuned for the next face shape-break down. And, as always, our stylists are always happy to help!