Made by Hand

Here at DITTO, we pride ourselves in offering high-end, high-quality brands. We would like to take the time now to highlight a few brands that go above and beyond to offer products that have been assembled with extra love and care with handmade assembly.

RAEN Optics uses a unique custom acetate and stainless steel hardware (which also eliminates allergic reactions some people have with lower-quality plastics and metals) that is then hand-finished and mostly hand-guided to create their classic eyewear line. Once the plastic is molded, the frames are then hand-formed and hand-polished to ensure that the final product is exactly how it should look compared to the original version.  

Westward Leaning makes sure to only work with luxurious materials like Mazzucchelli acetate (the best quality zyl acetate out there) to create their frames. And they are not shy about using as many acetate sheets necessary to ensure they are creating a substantial product. Most importantly, the unique materials that are associated with the meaning behind each sunglass style is all inserted by hand right in their San Francisco office.

Alain Mikli perhaps said it best with this statement: “Everything revolves around passion, mistakes and improvisation. This is what makes our product so fantastic.” Improvisation is key with the Alain Mikli line who's glasses are made only by hand using traditional tools and never by computer-aided machines. This brand never launches anything not up to standard with hundreds of models created each year and only a few that are actually selected for market.