Flatter Your
Face Shape: Round

The characteristics of a round face shape are all about curves. The cheeks are full, the chin is rounded and the forehead is wide. The proportions are typically equal in length and height to create that circular, round appearance. If these components sound like your face shape, then listen up! Today, we are going over the "rules" on how to style a round face shape. Luckily, they are pretty simple and straight forward. Basically, you need to choose frames that make your face appear longer and thinner and avoid rounded styles that will exaggerate facial fullness.

Frames that are wider than they are deep can help
make your round face appear long and thin.

Frames with a slight up-sweep will help bring focus to your eyes.

But remember...frames that are as round as your face need to be avoided 
as they will draw attention to the fullness of the face.

Check out more style tutorials for oval and diamond face shapes. And don't ever be afraid to ask one of our stylists for a little extra help!