Personal Style Story:
JJ O'Brien

Editor’s Note: Here at DITTO, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make finding the right pair of glasses effortless. In November, we’ll be rolling out a host of new features (and a bold new look!) that will make the right pair come to you like magic. What’s “right”? It’s the pair that fits you perfectly and exudes your personal style.

We’ll also be celebrating individuals who have a strong sense of original style. People who break some rules and dare to be themselves. People who use their outfits and their eyewear to express their unique point of view. We hope you enjoy reading about these distinct personalities as much as we’ve enjoyed getting to know them!

As one of San Francisco’s top tastemakers, JJ O’Brien has built himself a universe woven from his passions for music, travel and yes, wacky pants. You might know him as the “The Pantsapreneur” on The Bachelorette, where JJ’s bow-ties and self-sown technicolor pants made him a breath of fresh air among the swath of bare-chested frat guys.

“Going on The Bachelorette was a life experience unlike any I have ever had or anything I will ever have in the future,” explains JJ. “The entire experience was beyond fascinating.”

Back home now in SOMA, JJ continues to build his printed pants company, HemHaus, with a mission to: “Help people live a life less ordinary”.

“My life philosophy is to constantly push myself to not only be my 100% true self, but to constantly explore what that true self is through constantly interacting with others. I believe that by constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone of normality, you learn, define, and express your individual self.”

Five Questions with JJ

1. How do you use clothes and accessories to express yourself?
Fashion allows you to make a statement and express yourself to the world. When I look in the mirror before I leave the house, I always make sure I am expressing myself, even if just a bit, by the clothing and accessories I've chosen to wear that day.

2. What would you call your personal style in 3 words or less?
Funky, eclectic, colorful

3. How did HemHaus come to be?
I started making clothes for Burning Man because I was having trouble finding the clothing I wanted to wear at the festival. I started wearing these clothes outside of Burning Man and after I felt that there was enough demand for some of my creations, I decided to launch a brand.

4. Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?
Besides @shopditto? @JacksonHole just keeps me dreaming of powder days in the tetons // @littleemisssalex started following me early right when the Bachelorette started and I randomly happened to check out her profile - its all pics she takes of my college (she's a senior there) and they are all so gorgeous and awesome it makes me get nostalgic in the best of ways.

5. What’s your Spotify playlist look like these days?
Perhaps the songs I heard at Burning Man have overly inspired my recent playlists. I’m heading to three nights of Phish at the end of the month, I’ve chilled out a bit in the last week or so. Here’s what I’m literally listening to right now: