Personal Style Story:
the Lala

College is meant to be a time of self discovery. A large university is, more often than not, a melting pot of cultural backgrounds, each bringing their unique aesthetic to the table and influencing the campus culture. Students inevitably reflect this unique blend, incorporating a myriad of looks and trends into what will ultimately become their own personal style. Molly and Katherine, cofounders of the Lala, seek to empower young women during this formative time, encouraging them to break free from societal expectations and become the women THEY want to be. That’s a message we can definitely get behind.


                                Five Questions with Molly and Katherine 

1. What is it like to work within the college community?
Katherine: We were surrounded by bright, interesting, adventurous women working hard to get their degrees and prepare for the next step in their careers, and we saw a media landscape that just wasn't representing them. In short- college women are rockstars, and we want to celebrate them. We work hard with our team to deliver substantial media that matters, vegetable in our cotton candy if you will.
There's nothing more fun than working with college women. We adore our readers and writers. The college community is filled with spirited, hardworking, creative and driven women who are absolutely going to be the next generation of leaders. It’s such a fun, formative time of life and it’s cool to be along for college ride, sharing their stories, their style, and their opinions with the rest of the world.

2. What is the craziest thing you girls have done to get the Lala out there?
Molly: I can’t necessarily pinpoint one crazy thing, but we have this theory we’ve adopted since moving to NYC in March that we’re “yes girls”, meaning if an opportunity presents itself, we just say yes. Saying yes to every meeting and opportunity that has come our way has lead us to meet incredible people, see places we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and it also builds your confidence. It can be scary stepping outside of your comfort zone, but I think it’s the best thing you can possibly do.
Katherine: Off of what Molly said, we’re incredibly brave in terms of asking for help, suggestions and advice. Nobody knows what you want or what you need until you ask for it and we really live by that. Cold calling CEOs, celebrities and notable entrepreneurs may seem scary— but it (almost) always pays off. It’s important to push yourself in social situations and put it all out there.

3. How do you use your style to express yourself?
Molly: To me, personal style is an art form all its own. So in order to stay inspired creatively, I have to wear clothes that inspire me too. I’m not necessarily “trendy” but love to try out new things and always wear something a little bit or loud or unexpected. That could be a giant oversized plaid scarf, a dark purple lip or a sequined top.
Katherine: Being a natural “story teller” of college women’s experiences, it makes sense that my wardrobe tells a story too. I’m a very classic dresser. I love timeless pieces and when I find something that I love, I wear it forever. When my clothes can tell a story, when there’s sentimental value behind what I’m wearing—I feel more special in it. Whether it’s my grandmother’s bracelet, my favorite scarf I got in Europe or an old jacket I dug out of a vintage shop for 20 bucks, it’s taken me a long time to build my look.

4. Which Instagram accounts inspire your style?
Molly: I love following fellow creatives – photographers, designers, art directors, you name it. I’m screen-shotting their stuff constantly. Some of my favorites are Ashley Rose from @sugarandcloth, Bri Emery of @designlovefest and @jengotch, the creative director of Bando (who by far has the best #TBTs I’ve ever seen).
Katherine: @humansofny is by far my favorite person to follow on Instagram. Over the past 4 years, Brandon Stanton has been taking photos/interviews of people on the street in NYC and it's the kind of daily perspective that will, as cliche as it sounds, make you laugh, cry and change your entire day around. For fashion, @kjp. Growing up in New England I have a soft spot for the classic, all-american styling that he brings to Instagram.

5. Where are 3 of your favorite places to go to together?
Molly: Only three?! There are so many incredible places we love to go.
In New York one of our favorite things to do is grab a cocktail at fancy hotel bars. Crosby Street Hotel is one of our favorites.
I’m a huge fan of live music and New York has no shortage of that either. Bowery Ballroom is a great venue to see live shows.
Lastly, probably our most favorite place to go together is Harry’s Chocolate Shop in West Lafayette, Indiana where we went to school. And no, it’s not a chocolate shop, it’s actually a hole in the wall bar that used to be a speakeasy during prohibition (hence the sneaky name). It’s the place to go for a good stiff drink, the best cheeseburgers around, and some good old-fashioned jukebox music. The bartenders knew us there by name – so needless to say, we were regulars.