Waste Not Your FSA -
Get Glasses From DITTO!

FSA dollars expire December 31st!

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is thoroughly upon us, but there is one thing you don't want to overlook in the shopping rush. If you have a medical flexible spending account, or FSA, you need to check its balance -- and check with your employer -- to make sure you don't end up wasting that money.

FSAs are awesome for a couple of reasons. First, you can use these funds on things that aren't typically covered by your insurance - like teeth cleanings, eye exams, and of course...glasses. Second, the saving process also saves you tax dollars. You make FSA contributions via regular, equal payroll deductions so you owe a bit less in federal income and Social Security taxes upfront.

But the accounts have one drawback. In many instances, if you don't use the money by the end of your benefits year, which for most is Dec. 31, you'll lose it. What better way to use up that last bit of money than by treating yourself to a new pair of prescription glasses?! Your eyes will thank you for it.

Still have questions? See our answers.

1. How can I make a purchase with my FSA card?
Your FSA card works just like a credit card. Simply enter your card number during checkout.

2. What if I don't have enough dollars on my FSA card to account for my entire purchase?
We would be happy to accept two different cards if you want to use your remaining FSA dollars and put the rest of the purchase amount on a different credit card. Just call our support line at 855-264-3808 for assistance.

3. Can I use my FSA to purchase anything other than optical glasses?
Yes, you can also purchase prescription sunglasses! What a great time to invest in a pair of prescription sunglasses by taking advantage of your FSA dollars and help protect those peepers!

4. What if my prescription is expired? Can I still purchase glasses with my FSA?
We will need an up-to-date prescription in order for us to make your lenses. Use your FSA to have an eye exam, get an updated prescription, then come back to Ditto to purchase your glasses.

5. I'm confused. Can you help?
We are always happy to help! Please call our support line at 855-264-3808 or email support@ditto.com.