Personal Style Story:
Marcel Floruss

Today, we have a very special Personal Style Story to share on New York City based style influencer Marcel Floruss of the One Dapper Street blog who has a casual street style with a side of edge. Currently one of our brand ambassadors on the homepage, we want to take this chance to share with our wonderful followers just why we love Marcel and what it was that caught our attention about him. Read more on what sparks this guy's impeccable creative side - other than his favorite breakfast spot in Manhattan's Lower East Side, Mudspot, dubbed by Marcel as "super nice, charming and, you guessed it, delicious."

5 Questions with Marcel

1. Let’s start with the basics. It’s clear you take your fashion seriously but not necessarily yourself! It’s why we love reading your stories as much as seeing your style. What is the one thing that makes you enjoy your work so much?
I feel absolutely blessed to be able to say that there isn’t just one thing. It’s everything. From styling the outfits in the morning, to finding the right location, taking the photos, editing them, and most importantly sharing the look with my community to inspire them, not only to dress up but also to follow their passion – all these aspects are absolutely fun, though the last one will have to be the most rewarding.

2. We love following your blog because you always surprise us with a pop of color or interesting detail like a pant roll or unexpected layering. Why do you think you’ve made such an impression on so many people?
Variety plays a key role I think. I don’t quite fit into one category, which is where the blog name “One Dapper Street” originated: a continuum from “dapper” to “street” styles and all that is in-between. Thus, a lot of people can find something they like, or individual pieces they like at least, and I think that mass-appeal definitely helped me.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world or work with anyone in the world, where and who would it be?
Right now, my biggest obsession is Japan – I’m studying Japanese and I’d love to immerse myself in the fashion industry over there. With that said, I definitely want to travel as much as possible and see a lot more of the world than just Japan.

Brand to work with: I’d love to work with Burberry, which I’ve been in deep, deep love with for about three years now.

Famous person to work with:
I’m a big, big, big Will Smith fan, from Men in Black to the Fresh Prince, to I,Robot and Lost and Found. Actor, dancer, singer, comedian, and smart dresser … I’ve looked up to him since I was about 12 years old.

Do my work with: My current partner-in-crime is amazing: Lisa Dengler, my girlfriend, photographer and supporter, and I wouldn’t want to work with anybody else!

4. We’re a bit obsessed with glasses. And we love brands and people who push the limits on style and design. If you had to pair us with a fashion brand to create some great style looks, which one would it be?

Definitely Dior - subtle, yet intrinsically luxurious and fashion-forward, but not too loud, so the eyewear still is the main focus of the look.

5. Eyewear can sometimes be intimidating because it conveys a clear style statement. But making a bold statement can be exhilarating. What’s the next style of eyewear and color you want to try next?

I would want to go with something a little retro, probably a little over-sized and definitely round in its basic shape; not just round though, but a little more elaborate and I’ve been dying to get something in a bold tortoise. I guess words can only go so far in this case, but the "Leonard" by Illesteva comes dangerously close to what I am imagining here.