The Perspective:
Adam Gallagher

When we were on the search for brand ambassadors and were introduced to Adam Gallagher of the IAMGALLA blog, it was like collaboration perfection. We were excited to speak with someone who was so clearly in love with sunglasses as you can tell from him donning them in most of his blog stories. Adam admits, "Usually I stick with Ray-Ban [sunglasses] but every once in awhile I'll come across a pair each season from online and give them a whirl too. Colorful/Reflective lenses are great for summer where as simple chrome aviators are more of a winter choice." Clearly, Adam knows what he likes and this intrigued us to find out more. Aside from his signature shades, we wanted to get inside the head of one of today's biggest online fashion influencers to see how he finds his own style inspiration.

5 Questions with Adam

1. Adam, your blog IAMGALLA has transcended from the normal style blog into a destination of study for male style prodigies. You’ve struck a chord. Was there a particular look or story that resonated well with your followers that you noticed?
Every time I travel my audience really turns up the engagement. they love to see the outfits I wear overseas and the lifestyle associated as well. I think this is what makes our blog different because it captures all of those variables.

2. What are you seeing or most excited about in men’s fashion right now?
Simply that it's growing. There isn't one particular style or trend I'm focusing on, I think men in general are just starting to care about their wardrobes again. It's about time.

3. We noticed you are originally from California, where DITTO is based. How does that still influence your style?
Southern California will always be in my blood. You can catch me in casual, west-coast threads all the time on my "days off" whether I'm traveling or in NYC - when it's not snowing of course. Vans will always be my go-to shoe and Ray-Bans will always be my go-to sunnies.

4. So, as one of today’s biggest male style influencers online, who influences your style?
I'm inspired by a bunch of people. Some classic references include Frank Sinatra, James Dean and Marlon Brando. The modern bunch would include David Beckham and Ryan Gosling.

5. Free Time: Tell us one thing you love to do that most people don’t know about you.
I love to sing. I've been doing it my whole life. Theatre and choir. I enjoy a good broadway show or choral performance each season.