Endless Eyewear

If you can't already tell, we here at DITTO love coming up with next big thing, the thing that actually changes everything. The next thing that will absolutely revolutionize the way people buy eyewear. Well, that thing is here. Endless Eyewear - a subscription service which allows men and women to pick out their favorite pair of designer glasses and then swap them for any other pair, any time they want. For every season or any reason. It's like "Netflix" for designer eyewear.

“We are constantly improving the way people buy glasses. Our patented virtual try-on technology solved one major hurdle: fit. Our style quiz and personal shop solve another: discovery”, says CEO Kate Doerksen. “We believe this subscription model will solve the third major hurdle: the cost. Glasses are an amazing fashion accessory but historically, they’ve been too expensive to own more than one pair. This new program empowers people to update their eyewear as often as they update their wardrobe.”
Here's the skinny. There are two types of subscription programs with Endless: sunglasses and prescription glasses. The sunglasses membership is $19 a month and the prescription glasses membership is $29 a month. Membership includes free shipping, free returns and insurance for minor wear and tear like scratches. Every pair of prescription glasses includes brand new premium prescription lenses. Yes, really. And members of Endless Eyewear can select glasses from over 50 top designer brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Burberry, Karen Walker, The Row, Illesteva, Givenchy, and Paul Smith.

Entry into the program is first come, first serve so sign up now to secure your spot. But don't save all the fun for yourself - invite four of your most stylish friends, and get your first month free. It's that easy.

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