The Perspective:
Eklavya "Lav" Juneja

Recently, we've been feeling blue. Not the sad kind of blue, but the calm kind of blue that gives you the sense of fearlessness to go out there and try something new. And what do you know, along came a new color collection from RAEN in none other than the best shade of blue: cobalt. And then insert men's fashion blogger Lav, aka McLavin. Maybe it's his European roots or maybe it's his new NYC-inspired lifestyle, but Lav put the perfect style onto his face and took the words right out of our mouths.
"Shade of blue defines within me a calm and composed mindset. Giving me the freedom to experiment with my style and getting out of my comfort zone. Wearing the shade casts tranquility, just like nature, considering air and water. Projecting optimism the shade keeps me dedicated towards working harder for the future in the hope of great things lie ahead. Adding a bit of blue to one’s life could shed light onto a different path for doing things with a positive attitude."